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72 Hour Emergency Supplies Kit


In the event of a natural, or manmade, disaster it may be necessary to use your RV as a lifeboat. You may need to be able to survive in there for 72 hours until help arrives or you can safely evacuate. Naturally, if you know ahead of time that something is coming, you can get out of Dodge fast. But, if you have to leave in a hurry you may not have time to pack the necessary supplies that you'll need to sustain life and chances are the shelves in the local stores are already empty. By using some of the following guidelines you'll be better prepared for such an emergency.


Building Your Family's 72 Hour Kits

This page is intended to help you prepare for disasters (large and small) before they happen. Using this procedure, your family can assemble a 72 hour and emergency evacuation kit in small steps over a six month period. Check off each item for each week as you gather the contents and finish the "To Do" work. Supplies may be stored all together in a large plastic garbage can or food may be kept on kitchen or pantry shelves. Remember to rotate your perishable supplies and change water as needed for freshness. An asterisk (*) next to an item means "for each family member". Or if you choose, just collect the items from in house, purchase what you don’t have and you are good to go.

Remember: Check the kit every few months to be sure your supplies are fresh!


Create a Family Disaster Supplies Kit

To Get Started:

  • Check your house for supplies that you already have on hand.
  • Decide where you will store supplies (food may be packed together in a single container or kept on shelves for easy rotation.
  • Meet With Your Family To Plan.
  • Discuss the types of disasters that could occur.
  • Explain how to prepare; explain when and how to respond.
  • Discuss what to do if you need to evacuate.

Should You Evacuate?

  • Where will you go?
  • How will you get there?
  • What is your alternate route?
  • What must you take with you?

Practice your plan.

  • Suggested Foods
  • Select based on your family's needs and preferences. Pick low-salt, water-packed varieties when possible.
  • Canned Meat: Tuna, chicken, ravioli, chili, beef stew, spam, corned beef, etc.
  • Vegetables: Green beans, kernel corn, peas, beets, kidney beans, carrots, etc.
  • Fruit: Pears, peaches, mandarin oranges, applesauce, etc.
  • Cereal: Cheerios, Chex, Kix, Shredded Wheat, etc.
  • Quick Energy Snacks: Granola bars, raisins, etc.

Remember to rotate your supplies as needed for freshness!

  • In case of evacuation, your emergency evacuation or "Go-Pack" should:
  • Be in a back pack or other similar container that is easily carried.
  • Contain your most important items such as a change of clothes, coins for pay phones, out-of-state contact info, medications, important papers, etc.

Note: Items marked with an asterisk "*" should be purchased for each member of the household.
For water, plan to have one gallon of water, per person, per day! Pets should be counted also when figuring water!

Week 1, From Grocery Store

Week 2, From Hardware Store

Week 3, From Grocery Store

Week 4, From Hardware Store

1 gallon Water*

1 jar Peanut Butter

32 oz canned Juice

1 manual Can Opener

Instant Coffee, Tea, and Powdered Drink Mix

Permanent Marking Pen to mark dates

1 gal Water per Pet

ALSO: Pet food, Diapers, Baby food

To Do:

Make Family Plan

Date perishable food items using pen

Crescent Wrench

50 ft Heavy Rope

1 roll Duct Tape

2 Flashlights with batteries

"Bungee" Cords

ALSO: Pet leash or carrier

To Do:

Check for household hazards

Add latches to kitchen cabinet doors and acquire / install window protection devices

1 gallon Water*

8 oz canned meat*

16 oz canned Fruit

1 box Sanitary Napkins

1 Video Tape

ALSO: Pet food, Diapers, Baby food

To Do:

Video tape home contents for insurance purposes

Store video tape in a secure location

1 roll Plumber's Tape

1 Crow Bar

Smoke Detector with batteries

Also: extra medications or prescriptions marked "emergency use" if needed

To Do:

Install / Test smoke detectors

Plan for Pet sheltering


Week 5, From Grocery Store

Week 6, From First Aid Supply Store

Week 7, From Grocery Store

Week 8, From First Aid Supply Store

1 gallon Water*

8 oz canned Meat*

16 oz canned Fruit*

16 oz canned Vegetables*

2 roll Toilet Paper*

Extra Toothbrush*


ALSO: Special Diet Foods if needed

To Do:

Have home fire drill

Aspirin or Acetominophin


Roller Gauze

First Aid Tape

Adhesive Bandages

ALSO: Extra hearing aid batteries if needed

To Do:

Check into Day Care or School Disaster Plans if you have children

1 gallon Water*

16 oz Ready-To-Eat Soup*

16 oz canned Fruit*

16 oz canned Vegetables*

1 gal Water per Pet

ALSO: Extra plastic baby bottles, formula and diapers if needed

To Do:

Establish an Emergency Contact





Liquid Hand Soap

Disposable hand wipes

Sewing Kit

ALSO: Extra glasses, saline solution, contact lenses and lens case if needed

To Do:

Place extra shoes and flashlight under beds for emergency use at night


Week 9, From Grocery Store

Week 10, From Hardware Store

Week 11, From Grocery Store

Week 12, From First Aid Supply Store

1 gallon Water*

16 oz Ready-To-Eat Soup*

Liquid Dish Soap

Plain Liquid Bleach

1 box Heavy Garbage Bags

1 gal Water per Pet

ALSO: Extra Pet food, Diapers, Baby food

To Do:

Place "family photos" in a secure place

Waterproof portable plastic container with lid for important papers

Portable AM/FM radio with batteries

ALSO: Blankets or sleeping bags for each family member

To Do:

Photocopy important documents

Store securely

32 oz canned Juice*

Large plastic food bags

1 box energy snacks

3 roll paper towels

ALSO: Sunscreen

To Do:

Store a roll of quarters and dimes for phone calls

Locate nearest payphone

Anti-diarrhea medicine

Rubbing alcohol

2 pr latex gloves

Ipecac syrup and activated charcoal

children's vitamins

ALSO: Denture care items if needed

To Do:

Locate utility shut offs and show the family


Week 13, From Hardware Store

Week 14, From Grocery Store

Week 15, From Hardware Store

Week 16, From Grocery Store


ABC Fire Extinguisher



To Do:

Take First Aid and CPR classes

16 oz canned Fruit*

8 oz canned Meat*

16 oz canned Vegetables*

1 pk Paper Plates

1 pk Plastic Utensils

1 pk Paper Cups

Adult Vitamins

To Do:

Plan to check on neighbors

Extra Flashlight with batteries

1 roll Masking Tape


Assorted Nails

"L" brackets for securing furniture

Wood Screws

To Do:

Check roof turbines and prepare covers or plan for storage

Secure Water Heater and other appliances and furniture against movement

8 oz canned Meat*

16 oz canned Vegetables*

Heavy Garbage Bags


Quick energy snacks

To Do:

Find neighborhood safety organizations

Join them


Week 17, From Grocery Store

Week 18, From Hardware Store

Week 19, From Grocery Store

Week 20, From Hardware Store

1 box Graham Crackers

Assorted plastic containers with lids

Assorted safety pins

Dry cereal

To Do:

Arrange for friend or neighbor to care for children when needed

Latches or fasteners for cupboards

Double sided tape and velcro fasteners

To Do:

Pack a "go-pack" in case of evacuation

Finish securing cabinets, furniture and appliances

Heavy garbage bags

Quick energy snacks

To Do:

Have home disaster drill

Camping or utility knife

Extra radio with batteries

ALSO: Purchase emergency escape ladder for second floor bedrooms if needed

To Do:

Learn workplace disaster plans


Week 21, From Hardware Store

Week 22, From Grocery Store

Week 23, From Hardware Store

Week 24, From Grocery Store

Heavy work gloves

Disposable dust masks


Safety goggles

Extra manual can opener

3 roll Paper towels

Camping lantern with extra fuel or batteries

Extra flashlights with batteries

Large plastic food containers

Plastic food wrap

Aluminum Foil


Submitted by Mike Sundberg - 3/24/06

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